My History

As a young man I faced personal crisis that left me feeling as though I had no one to support me in the most fundamental ways.  My suffering compounded as I grasped for defensive strategies that only led to further isolation, chronic anxiety, and depression.  As I grew into adulthood, my life seemed to be wrought with confusion and self-hatred.  With the support of a handful of friendships, I discovered Vipassana meditation and psychotherapy.  What I entered whole-heartedly for my own personal healing, has become my lifelong practice and profession.  I have come to discover that with the right intentions and the support of others, transformative healing can happen.

My Approach to Psychotherapy

My orientation as a therapist is a humanistic one.  I trust the inter-subjective experience that arises naturally between therapist and client to inform the direction of exploration.  In this approach I allow myself to enter into the client-therapist relationship in a skillful, authentic way. My intention is for the client to feel the support of my training as a clinician, as well as the availability of the person I really am. 

I received a master's degree from the California Institute of Integral Studies.  I have studied the lineage of psychotherapy from its roots in Freudian psychodynamics, to the more humanistic manifestations that we have come to know today.  I specialize in AEDP, a psychotherapeutic model by Diana Fosha, PhD.  The work is a combination of attachment dynamics, somatics, and relational psychotherapy.  For more information about AEDP please visit the AEDP web page. 

In 2011 I founded The Well Clinic in collaboration with experts in the field of mental and emotional health. The Well Clinic offers a holistically oriented approach in the treatment of emtional, mood and relationship issues. 


Training, Credentials and Practice

CIIS, Master's in Counseling Psychology- Completed

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California

Dan Wile's Approach to Couples Therapy Level 1- Completed

Gottman Approach to Couples Therapy Level 1 Course-Completed

AEDP Level 2 Advanced Training-Completed

The  2012 Couples Conference-Attachment, Differentiation, Neuroscience in Couples Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy- Externship with Dr. Susan Johnson author of best seller Hold Me Tight

San Francisco Zen Hospice- Volunteer Care Provider for 1 1/2 Years
UCSF- Volunteer Bereavement Counselor- 1 year

Vipassana Mediation- Practicing since 1992