Divorce Mediation- If you have exhausted all other options, sometimes separation is the only answer.  I work with couples who are dealing with separation and want the most compassionate outcome for each partner.  Couples who have children, financial investments or businesses can not afford a highly volitile divorce.  I work to support each partner in definining their personal needs and expressing their wants in a safe environment.  I offer an alternative to the legal setting that can help couples move through separation before finalizing the paperwork.

  • How to tell the children
  • Dealing with childcare and other means of support for the children
  • Money.  How to split up the assets and provide financial support for everyone involved
  • Dating other people, what are the boundaries?
  • Communicating with friends and family, what are the do's and don'ts?
  • How much contact to have and through what mediums and channels

Conflict in the Workplace- Business partners and colleagues often run into difficult conflict in the work environment.  At times, professional needs can be in opposition even within the same company or entity.  Close quarters and limited resources can pit people against one another.  In a highly structured setting I allow parties to unpack their grievences and ask for what they want in a non-hostile mannor.  I provide communication tools and systems that can foster better working relationships and stronger work performance.

  • Conflict over money, resources and shares
  • Job title and promotion
  • Roles, rules, and responsibility
  • Personality issues
  • Conflict about efficiency and performance